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Saitell 5MP Bullet Camera And Intelligent Function

10 Jun 2021 by Rafallo

H.265; [email protected](2592×1944) &25/[email protected](2304×1296); WDR, ICR, 3DNR, AWB, AGC, BLC; 3.6 mm fixed lens; IR 30m; IP67, PoE

Rafallo Percalin Corporation is a fast-growing Company with over 16 years on Business. Throughout the years, RPC developed its expertise in Building Management System / Building Automation System and Building Auxiliary including CCTV, FDAS, PA&GBM, and others.History:Rafallo Percalin Corporation established in July 15, 2003. The name Rafallo derives from Father’s Middle Name of Incorporators while Percalin derives from Mother’s Maiden Middle Name of Incorporators.Mission:To provide our customers high-quality technology solutions and services that create cost-efficient and improve occupant comfort.To maintain high service levels by providing our employees a continual training so that they remain motivated and updated with the developments in technology.Our team can be having excellence in product & installation and after-sales support. Vision:To be the leading provider of high-quality and cost-effective technology solutions in Building Automation System & Building Auxiliaries not only in Metro Manila but also in whole Philippines.We have made difference in terms of energy consumption, maintaining protection in safety and security which make occupant comfortable.


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