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7 Bathroom Ideas Natural style

15 Sep 2020 by Sosuco

This era is green and everyone is starting to pay more attention to the environment. Most of the people who care about the environment Refrain from using plastic bags Or waste separation Often a person who likes to be surrounded by nature. And fresh air

But in reality many people still have to work in the city. Must be exhausted at work And travel There is no time to go out in the midst of nature every day. Therefore, it must start with changing things around them, such as changing the home environment to be more pleasant. Create shady green areas The easiest way is Home decoration Starting from a small corner in the house such as the bathroom In which we can create nature And a quiet atmosphere to be close to us Let's take a look at some cool bathroom decoration ideas for anyone who wants to relax. Natural Can be used together 

1. Classic decoration 

7 Bathroom Ideas Natural style

Nature doesn't always have to be green. We can use other tones to decorate the house to create shady, such as choosing wood tiles. Earth tone is a classic color that will never be boring. Which will have many shades to choose from Who likes mystery Suggest to try to choose a dark tone of wood. It also adds a quiet atmosphere as well. It is also easy to maintain. And has a long service life as well 

2. Decorated with natural materials

7 Bathroom Ideas Natural style

Choose materials that come from nature to decorate your bathroom, such as modifying timber into a sink shelf. Or use a wooden staircase as a towel hanger Which is a decoration that is easy and does not waste the budget But do not forget that the wood is not wet with moisture. Choose to place it in the dry zone would be better. 

3. Choose a rain shower 

7 Bathroom Ideas Natural style

Not just a bathtub That makes you feel relaxed when tired, but a rain shower is also great to relax your body. With the new function of the Rain Shower that currently comes with a system to choose from 2 types of water streams: Rainfall Function, giving full wetness as if showering in the rain and Waterfall Function refreshing to be as if standing in the water At the waterfall Including some models with LED lighting that can adjust modes according to the mood of the room while taking a shower 

4. Use trees to add shade 

7 Bathroom Ideas Natural style

The bathroom needs green space. We can choose plants that can be planted in the shade, moisture resistant and easy to care for. Including the size is just right, not too big To decorate in the bathroom There are many styles of decorating plants in the bathroom, such as arranged on the balcony of the bathroom. By dividing a specific area for the tree Or arranged in any corner of the room But if the bathroom has limited space Vertical gardening or hanging garden Is another good choice Plus, these trees can absorb toxins in the air. Thus making the air fresh and shady naturally Let's observe that when we go to the bathroom and see the green trees. We will feel relaxed and want to stay in the bathroom for longer. Plants that are suitable for bathroom decoration such as spotted betel, Boston fern, Deli, saving money, hermit's mustache or Philodendron, etc.

7 Bathroom Ideas Natural style

5. Minimal Style with natural stone pattern tiles

7 Bathroom Ideas Natural style

Even though it's minimal, you can be close to nature. By using natural stone pattern tiles to decorate the bathroom Suitable for people who like simplicity. And want a cool, cool atmosphere, can also be blended with the loft style as well. Plus, this trend is very hot too. 

6. Skylight roof Natural light 

7 Bathroom Ideas Natural style

Natural light is true nature. Try making a skylight roof to let the sunlight fall into the bathroom. Will help us feel closer to nature And also helps to ventilate the dampness of the bathroom as well Plus the bathroom looks transparent Well ventilated Able to receive the atmosphere outside as well If anyone's home has a shady green area around it, it will make the bathroom more natural. 

7. Protect the environment 

As I said, we can create nature by starting with ourselves, such as separating trash, refraining from using plastic bags and turning to cloth bags. Separate household waste Eliminate food waste from being a source of spoilage. These are things that we can change immediately. When we begin to approach to truly saving the world We too can start choosing a good environment for ourselves.

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