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Create a beautiful garden with ideas "Neoclassical garden design"

15 Sep 2020 by Sosuco

Afternoon tea corner in the midst of a beautiful neoclassical garden Ideas from the design of your moles Bush - President of the Pan-foot rug and Joe - Chalermpol celebration of great joy Summersnow Home & Garden who created the beauty of a small garden at the store Misstar Café with that proposition. "The idea of ​​creating a corner to socialize with a beautiful and exotic atmosphere In neoclassical style "

Create a beautiful garden with ideas

Nice neoclassical garden It is a combination of vintage and modern. Then used to decorate the garden, such as the shape of a tree Laying the stone floor elements Or even new materials that are selected to be used Which must be designed to match with the character of the homeowner as well This is an important part of the garden style Misstar Café that we have designed to decorate the garden.

Tile is a key element in this style of garden decoration. Can answer more questions Because if it is a natural stone, it has to be difficult to maintain. And it is not suitable for commuting As for the tiles, in addition to replacing the beauty of natural stone It can also be cleaned easily. This is the first time that tiles have been chosen in landscaping. It is another option that creates a new originality for your garden decoration as well.

For choosing tiles to decorate the garden in neo-classical style Will start from the pattern And the texture of the tiles With the main entrance in front will be COTTO Mosaics Model HIDEAWAY ALPINE, size 4 " x 4 " by a method of choosing which series tiles to use, there are 2 things: 1) the color tone. Which must be the color and texture as close to nature as possible. 2) The size must be suitable for the area. Viewed from the area The size of the selected tiles is a small 4 ”x4” by choosing a rather bright color. Along with a natural stone pattern To fit in all environments And must be matched with pebbles to be decorated perfectly, not competing with each other, but adding charm And beauty to each other

Create a beautiful garden with ideas

As for garden design elements And the specialness of the area of ​​use, we chose to use the Trace Stone tile size 12 ”x 24” in the side corner of the main building. Which is a cool corner And the sunlight fell in this area during the noon time It is suitable for a sitting area in a shady atmosphere in the afternoon comfortably and most importantly You can change the usage of that area in a variety of ways, such as a table for afternoon tea. Or a small outdoor party, etc.

Create a beautiful garden with ideas

The garden area in Misstar Café is very suitable for using tiles for decoration. Because the area was narrow and water fell from two roofs The tile is the answer to the most beautiful, durable and maintenance requirements. Including use Which tile makes it easier to walk than natural stone. Or using gravel In addition, both texture Slope of the tile itself. It is close to nature and is in harmony with the structure of the surrounding landscape of this area. 

We commit to continuously improve our product quality in which our wall and floor tiles can meet requirements of ISO13006 standard. At present we are exporting approximately 20% of the total capacity to the world market under "SOSUCO" and "SGI" brand and up to 1,000 designs of wall & floor tiles available for the customers to choose from. Our glazed ceramic tiles consist of:


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