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The ultimate natural LT With Smart Flexible by COTTO flooring sheet

15 Sep 2020 by Sosuco

LT (Limber Technology Flooring)

Smart Flexible Floor Mat by COTTO

With the invention of Design Technology that carefully selects the design work to cover all areas of use Including the Smart Installation system to meet the needs of life To be the ultimate in customizing the areas of happiness

Design technology 

With the latest design technology Provide both pattern and texture Beautiful and realistic as the original, natural With a variety of designs to choose from

Smart installation 

Development of installation system Speed ​​up Deliver work efficiently Finish the job with confidence

World Class quality 

Use only premium healthy grade ingredients that are friendly to people, animals and the environment. Acquired world class environmental certification

We commit to continuously improve our product quality in which our wall and floor tiles can meet requirements of ISO13006 standard. At present we are exporting approximately 20% of the total capacity to the world market under "SOSUCO" and "SGI" brand and up to 1,000 designs of wall & floor tiles available for the customers to choose from. Our glazed ceramic tiles consist of:


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