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About Tamsons

Established in 1968, Tamsons Enterprises, Inc. started as a one-employee, one room affair at the third floor of the four storey Singson Building at Plaza Moraga in downtown Manila. For starters, it introduced to the Philippine market TOX Dubel Wall Plugs of Germany, the first in what was to become a long list of successful product lines.

Company History

The company’s efficiency in marketing TOX was such that the brand has become synonymous to wall plugs. Intent on providing its principals with similar benefits, Tamsons has been developing, and continues to diligently cultivate the market for other products carried.. Thus, Japan’s RYOBI has become a leading brand of door closers; USA’s FLUIDMASTER, the preferred name in toilet repair and Australia's CENTOR and RAVEN, market leaders in door & windows systems.

From its humble, one room beginnings, Tamsons has consistently grown to become a leading supplier of architectural, construction, plumbing and hardware products. To provide the essential framework for the further growth, the company was incorporated in 1999. Its workforce has since multiplied to over 300 people; its office, warehousing, service and distribution facilities substantially expanded; its dealers and outlets spread throughout the archipelago, serving the needs of customers nationwide.

Today, Tamsons is a major supplier of the Philippines’ top DIY outlets, and is the exclusive distributor of a wide range of world-renowned products from Japan, Australia, the United States and other Asian & European Countries.

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