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About ThyssenKrupp

The thyssenkrupp AG world-renowned, headquartered in Germany, the world's largest stainless steel maker, the second largest carbon steel maker in Europe, and the 3rd world largest elevator/escalator manufacturer. The thyssenkrupp AG is globally renowned for its steel products, auto parts, services, technology, and real estate in addition to its elevators. The thyssenkrupp AG has a presence at over 700 locations in more than 70 countries.

International Market

The thyssenKrupp Elevator produces the most reliable elevators available in the industry. ThyssenKrupp generate 34% of consolidated sales on their home market, while customers outside Germany account for the remaining 66%. The rest of the EU (28%) and the NAFTA region (22%) are the key foreign regions for ThyssenKrupp business. ThyssenKrupp companies hold leading positions with their products in numerous international markets. Many areas of ThyssenKrupp Group are becoming increasingly globalized: the Elevator segment already generates 90% of its sales outside Germany, while the share of foreign sales at Automotive stands at 75%. More than 184,000 people work for ThyssenKrupp Group worldwide. ThyssenKrupp roughly 600 foreign subsidiaries and associated shareholdings have more than 93,000 employees, which mean that one in two ThyssenKrupp employees work outside Germany.


Elevator/Escalator is a high tech machines made up of over thousands of parts, including machinery electronics and semi-conductors. As such, to ensure maximum safety of passengers, it requires a specialist. In choosing the right specialist in maintaining your equipment at its best means getting the best who would take care of all the details of service maintenance.

That’s why we guarantee such maximum satisfaction of our customer, and take pride in providing the best after sales services. Every time a customer signs a Service Maintenance Contract with us, our team will ensure the best services on your equipment wherever and whenever you need it. We provide any Elevator/Escalator services and we have the highly skilled people with over 15 years of experience in installation, troubleshooting, service and maintenance. With critical parts and components located in our warehouses in Ortigas, Taguig, Cebu our customers are assured of quick response and minimal downtime of their equipment.

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