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RMD Kwikform Launches LocusHUB To Help Drive Digital Construction Forward

30 Jul 2021 by Ultraguard

RMD Kwikform has launched its new digital solution centre, LocusHUB.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, digital engineering capabilities are set to become a key differentiator for contractors and engineers seeking efficiency gains, whilst helping the industry navigate disruptions and mitigate risks.

In response to evolving working practices in the industry, which have been further accelerated by the outbreak of Covid-19, RMD Kwikform has created LocusHUB; a ‘one-stop’ hub for all its digital innovations and resources. Available at locushub.rmdkwikform.com, LocusHUB brings together all of RMD Kwikform’s digital assets including apps, product videos, CAD resources and technical data.

Designed and developed to meet the changing needs of the construction industry, LocusHUB offers users an evolving library of digital tools to help optimise working processes and improve productivity levels. For example, during the design phase, digital construction can help reduce revisions, eliminate redundant conversations between parties, and ensure any errors are quickly identified. It can also help improve safety standards and ensure better workforce planning.

Tools on LocusHUB include LocusEye, RMD Kwikform’s innovative 3D visualisation software, which offers high quality interactive 3D Models of temporary work schemes. Providing a vital means of viewing and interrogating a temporary works solution during the pre-tender or build phases of a project, LocusEye reduces on-site risks, as any potential issues can be quickly seen. It also streamlines work processes, as the overall system and individual products can be viewed in an accessible and user-friendly format. Now available to download as an app, users have this technology at their fingertips; LocusEye helps project teams understand the challenges of a temporary works scheme in greater detail than ever before.

The company’s entire catalogue of material handling and guidance notes for its products is stored on LocusHUB, too. Particularly with social distancing guidelines still needing to be followed on construction sites, the material handling guides can help illustrate to users how to best assemble, manoeuvre and dismantle equipment ahead of delivery, to help ensure site operatives stay in line with social distancing measures at all times.

“Now is the time for significant, long-lasting and transformative changes to the construction industry’s working practices,” says Matt Wiseman, Divisional Digital Innovation Manager at RMD Kwikform. “There is no denying the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the construction industry, but we should also try and see this as an opportunity to embrace digital construction, smarter project management and better health and safety procedures. In a way, the global pandemic may serve as a catalyst for change, leading the construction industry to a stronger and more robust future.”

“LocusHUB has been created in response to this need, providing a single resource centre for all our digital innovations and assets, so these can be accessed quickly and easily. Whether it’s viewing a 3D visualisation of a project that can be challenged and questioned – even while on the go, from a smartphone app – to simple steps such as properly training a team on how to best handle equipment so they can easily follow social distancing guidelines, the aim of LocusHUB is to help us work smarter and more safely.

“Our mission has always been to deliver the very best temporary works solutions, while helping contractors save money, improve productivity and meet the highest health and safety standards. This mission remains the same, but we must now also embrace the opportunities that digitalisation offers, which will help drive substantial operational improvements and add real value for those in the industry.”

To view LocusHUB, please visit locushub.rmdkwikform.com.

United Kingdom
At RMD Kwikform we work closely with the entire supply chain, and have global experience working with businesses at each stage of the construction process.We work in partnership with our customers, adopting early collaboration to ensure projects run smoothly and remain in budget. Our team understands the ever-increasing complexity of projects, the tightness of timescales, and the need to ensure stringent health and safety procedures are always maintained.At RMD Kwikform, we never try and over-complicate a situation – we have the knowledge, products and technology to deliver solutions that are the most efficient, cost effective and safety conscious for our customers. RMD Kwikform is dedicated to its customers. Our promises to you:- Health and safety is our highest priority- Tailored solutions engineered for your project- Cost-effective solutions and added value- Offer a sustainable, competitive advantage to establish a basis for future growth of your business and global markets Global NetworkRMD Kwikform provides formwork, falsework and shoring solutions to the global construction industry.With established operations across the globe, RMD Kwikform has the ability to provide a truly local service, backed up by significant international experience.With a diverse product range, designed to maximise safety, on site effectiveness and lowest in use cost, matched with our engineering excellence, RMD Kwikform provides our customers with the most effective solution to get the job done.RMD Kwikform is a business built on our people. They are what ensures RMD Kwikform surpasses customers expectations time after time.Contact us now to see how we can maximise your formwork and shoring requirements.


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