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About Uratex

"We will not stop until we give every Filipino a comfortable and affordable mattress to lie on."

- Robert G. Cheng, Founder


Under a santol tree, Uratex founder Robert G. Cheng started his dream of providing high quality foams and affordable mattresses for every Filipino to lie on. Together with his wife Natividad Y. Cheng, they built Polyfoam Chemical Corporation in 1968 with a capital of Php 4,000 and the help of 10 employees. 

The brand grew to become RGC/Uratex Group of Companies to cater to the growing demands of other industries. This paved the way for the group to venture in other products such as specialized foam for electronics and automotive seating. It also embarked in supplying textile, food packaging, and automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products.

Now in its 53rd year and with 23 plants and showrooms nationwide, the company continues to innovate and use the latest technologies to provide durable, comfortable, and high-quality mattresses for every Filipino home.



To be the customer’s choice, with products and services that can be relied upon and depended on.

To be the employee’s choice, with a commitment to their welfare and their growth.

To be able to contribute to the community we are in, and to the Filipino society as a whole.



To be a place where work is meaningful because I belong and I make difference for my family, for my company, for my customer, for my community and for my country. We will be known to be a Filipino and a Christian success story.

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