Ask the expert: interior styling tips with Melissa Lunardon

12 Nov 2020 by About Space

With over 10 years’ experience, Melissa is an interior designer whose professional work spans both residential and commercial projects. Her work has been featured in Australia’s leading design blogs and published in magazines The Interiors Addict and Home Beautiful. She is a host and design consultant for TV’s Redesign, and YouTube series Design Talk TV. Melissa works alongside some of Melbourne’s best architectural firms, including Basset Lobaza Architects, and she has worked with the award-winning builder Urbanedge Homes.

We sat down with Melissa to get the scoop on her approach to interior design and ask her for her top lighting tips.

What’s your approach when styling a property?

Your home should be a true reflection of yourself and your personality, so I love getting to know my clients and ensuring their personality shines through in their home. It's the perfect starting point to ensure they’re happy with the end result. It could be their favourite holiday destination or an amazing piece of art that can be the perfect jumping-off point for a colour scheme!

Ask the expert: interior styling tips with Melissa Lunardon

Where do you source your furniture and homewares?

I have great access to industry-only suppliers, which is one of the benefits of working with an interior designer.

Have you come across a home you couldn’t work with?

Hmmm, I would have to say no. There have been a few homes that look very challenging at the start, but what starts a project off on the right foot is decluttering. Then the rest of the project flows easily!

What can vendors expect to get back from their investment in an interior designer?

Hiring an interior designer can help avoid costly mistakes and not only save you money but add value to your home. I also assist my clients in budgeting and planning their projects to ensure they run smoothly. And having a great network of suppliers is imperative in creating a look that is unique and timeless.

Ask the expert: interior styling tips with Melissa Lunardon

What’s your best styling tip?

I love mixing old and new furniture pieces - it creates character and personality. Another is to add plants to your home. It’s such an inexpensive accessory and adds colour and texture. Not only are plants beautiful, but many can clean the air and balance humidity.

What's your best lighting tip?

If you’re wanting to use a variety of pendant lights throughout your home, it's important to keep the colour, materials and finishes of the light shade consistent throughout. This will create a more cohesive look. Natural tones open up a space and make it appear larger, while darker colours and materials add a sophisticated touch.

Need more advice on lighting your space? Get in touch with About Space's lighting experts for more design tips, guidance and inspiration.

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