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The floor makes up one of the largest surfaces in a property, and finding the right flooring for your needs will depend on your budget, way of life and aesthetic preferences. 

Appearance may be your number one priority: do you wish to walk on a rustic piece of wood? Imported, elegant ceramic tiles? A glossy, smooth stone? Herringbone pine or checkerboard vinyl tiles? 

You also need to take into account the amount of foot traffic, sunlight and damage your flooring may experience. For instance, some varieties of solid wood flooring and engineered woods aren't as moisture-resistant as vinyl or laminate, which is a major disadvantage in a bathroom or busy kitchen. 

The ideal flooring depends on the requirements and location of each space, and each type of flooring has specific advantages. 

Archify is a sourcing and specification platform for architecture and design products. We are proud to have a large selection of flooring products from trusted flooring supplier, brands and manufacturers.

Browse your flooring needs for your project here at Archify. 

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