29 Oct 2021 by Advanced Flooring Systems

University Of Otago, Eccles Building

University of Otago’s new $50m Eccles Building uses StarTread entry matting by Advance Flooring.

Designed by Jasmax, the five-storey biomedical research facility features 18 dedicated experimental rooms set up with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. With 88 bookable spaces, the building is used by health and science researchers from throughout the university.

Protecting the university’s investment has been foremost in the facility’s design. At the entryways into the Eccles Building, making a good first impression was key, along with facilitating smooth, safe and comfortable movement for large numbers of students and staff.

Material selection for the entrance matting therefore needed to be practical and durable, as well as presentable, as required for a high-performing science building. The product of choice for entryways was StarTread entrance matting from Advance, which effectively traps dirt and moisture from the soles of shoes.

StarTread is constructed from long-lived polypropylene inserts set within an aluminium frame. It can be surface-mounted, or recessed in Advance’s proprietary matwell system. The inserts are available in a range of natural colour options, and the aluminium tread rails can be anodised or powder coated in a range of colours, creating a stylish first impression.

For safety, StarTread is designed to eliminate heel traps, with tread rails specially designed to improve traction. Shock-absorbing vinyl cushion feet eliminate mat clatter and provide comfort underfoot.

The polypropylene inserts serve to efficiently trap dirt and moisture, furthering the life of interior flooring by reducing the cost of cleaning and maintenance, and preventing stains, scratching and other damage. StarTread’s insert can be removed for easy cleaning. It is also Declare Certified.

With more than 40 years’ experience, Advance are experts in providing entry matting that performs to the highest standards in every application.


Architect: Jasmax

Product: StarTread Entry Matting

Photographer: Graham Warman

Writer: Folio

University Of Otago, Eccles Building

University Of Otago, Eccles Building

University Of Otago, Eccles Building

University Of Otago, Eccles Building

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