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Up until World War 1, a popular housing style was the spacious villa, made entirely of timber except for a metal roof. In the 1920s, the bungalow’s less formal style, with lower ceilings and more concern for built-in features, became the go-to choice of local homeowners. It wasn’t until the end of the depression during the 1930s that the sleek, linear aesthetics of art deco architecture started surfacing.

The distinctive state house, which is a legacy of New Zealand housing, emerged between the 1940s and 60s. The design addressed the critical housing shortage at the time. Then by the 1970s, people were looking for housing with open-plan and multi-use spaces. Fast forward to today and that is still the predominant trait that people are looking for in their next home: space. Our cavity sliding doors deliver that and more.


Sliding doors are a space saving design that allows more options for interior ideas than traditional hinged doors. Conventional doors require space for the opening arc while sliding doors open parallel to the wall. Cavity sliders are ideal for people who are looking to save space because they glide out of, and back into the wall.

People who believe that less is more and want minimalist interiors will appreciate the sleek and subtle design of the sliding door. Cavity doors provide clean lines and open spaces – they can be painted the same colour as the wall so they become discrete, unless you want a contrasting feature.

Cavity sliders increase options in studio apartments where restricted space limits the opportunities to set-up divisions between different areas of the home. Slide doors can be installed where space is limited, like walk-in wardrobes, en-suite bathrooms and utility rooms. Slide doors allow flexibility in residential living spaces, enabling a larger area for entertaining, for example, between the dining and living room, or allowing privacy when having dinner while the kids are watching TV.

Sliding doors can be installed in both indoor and outdoor settings, and provide an attractive and sleek option for both domestic and commercial properties.


Maximum space and minimalist design aside, cavity sliders also contribute to a more accessible house.

Home is meant to be a place of comfort and safety. The design of older houses may create problems for the elderly or those with disabilities because the building designs were not so strict on access considerations. Today, housing modifications like handrails, ramps, and lifts are relatively easy to install to enable better mobility around a house. Sliding cavity doors are one of the devices that can make it easier for elderly home owners to move from one room to another. With strong grip handles that do not require pushing down a handle or twisting a door knob, cavity sliding doors easily glide open and improve accessibility.


At Altro, we design and manufacture cavity sliding door systems that are made to free up space and make the home more accessible. We customise designs to meet any specification and complete projects within an agreed timeframe.

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Altro Building Systems
Altro Building Systems
ALTRO BUILDING SYSTEMSAltro Building Systems are specialists in the design and manufacturing of sliding door systems and their respective components. Altro’s products include the options for customised design and manufacturing in order to meet any specification, and Altro always look to ensure short lead times so that projects can be completed on time and with consistency.Most recently they have released the Euro Cav, an architecturally designed and Swiss engineered aluminium cavity sliding door system. With Euro Cav, the sliding door disappears into an existing wall cavity, completely out of sight. The Euro Cav track is designed to sit either within a jamb or finish flush with the ceiling, creating the smallest possible gap between door and ceiling.Unlike domestic-grade timber sliding door systems, Euro Cav is unaffected by a maximum door weight of up to 60kg and nor is it limited in the door sizes available for installation. Rather, aluminium’s high load bearing capacity makes it ideal for large doors, made from a variety of materials. There is no limit to the configurations possible, with double doors meeting at 90-degree corners, biparting double doors and double and triple overtaking doors that stack inside a single cavity all being within the realm of possibility. Like any aluminium product, Altro’s Euro Cav range is completely recyclable at the product’s end of life.MISSIONAltro Building Systems provides innovative Building Solutions which brings a new level of control over what has previously been a difficult detail to build and maintain. Altro can make the difference between realizing your vision precisely or having it just remain a vision.VISIONAltro Building Systems has a nationwide reputation as a manufacturer of state-of-the-art hinged and sliding door systems and you can be assured we have supplied your project with the highest quality hardware available anywhere. Altro strives to offer a comprehensive system offering options for wood, steel and aluminium frames, a complete range of optimized door capacities and of course, the ability to incorporate almost any detail and finish.


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