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Opened in late December 2020, the hotel is an architectural masterpiece both inside and out. Award-winning British architectural practice Wilkinson Eyre is responsible for the creation of the skyscraper’s unique twisting, curvilinear form. The tower’s glittering facade is made up of 8,000 individually cut-glass panels, which reflect the mesmerising harbourside setting.

The distinct shape of the building ensures each room is connected to the dramatic views and nearly every element within the building is custom designed. The bespoke approach from New York design studio Meyer Davis, which delivered a sensibility of refined luxury, has created carefully crafted interiors which celebrate the beauty of Sydney’s skyline and its waterfront surrounds.

Crown Towers Sydney architecture and views

“When we visited Sydney for the first time we were taken aback by Sydney’s ethereal light and we wanted to select materials that reflected this. Our colour palette was silver, white, and grey highlighted by brass, polished black and nickel”, said Will Meyer of Myer Davis.

Materiality, which reflects and plays with the light, is everywhere throughout Crown Towers’ interiors. Marble and stone, glass and metal, are in abundance. Custom-made crystal lighting pieces, including one of the hotel’s most dramatic features – an eight-metre-long chandelier made of pixelated crystal light rods, curling up the five-story spiral staircase that leads to an orb-like negative space topped with a spherical skylight, are the pre-dominant feature.

Lobby and spa at Crown Towers Sydney

In the stunning bathrooms, bespoke apaiser baths are resplendent, set against a marble backdrop with views of the harbour. The apaiser design team, in collaboration with Crown and Meyer Davis, created a unique design of deep soaking baths for the project. Careful attention was paid to every detail, to ensure each piece was perfectly proportioned for the space and for the comfort of the guests. The sculptural form of the building is reminiscent of three petals intertwining together toward the sky, rising from the water and this idea is reflected in the shape of the apaiserMARBLE® stone bath. The soft layers are inspired by the petals of a lotus flower and mimic the gentle waves of the harbour. Tiny, shimmering inclusions in the Diamond White apaiserMARBLE® finish, echo the theme of reflected light throughout the interiors.

Custom Bath at Crown Towers Sydney

“[I]t’s that our interiors were a direct response to the architecture,” says Meyer. “Everything that you touch and see really needs to tell that story that the building tells.”

Though perhaps controversial, there is no denying the extraordinary beauty of this project at One Barangaroo.

Custom apaiser bath at Crown Towers Sydney

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