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Rooftop Waterproofing @ Hampton

Elegance and refinement come to the fore in this best of both worlds development in Hampton, Victoria. Designed by a leading Melbourne architect and overseen by Iurada Builders, the property features sophisticated and modern apartments where outdoor living is a feature allowing access to more living space whilst providing a buffer between the hustle and bustle of daily life and the comfort of being at home.

Our friends at H2NO Waterproofing were in charge of waterproofing the rooftop and associated areas and for this the Casali range of waterproofing supplied by APTC Australia was chosen. Adam Munro Technical Consultant was on hand throughout the project providing technical support through product specification and hands onsite inspections. ‘We specified the Casali products early on when we first presented the project to Steve from H2NO Waterproofing. The development featured nearly 400 square metres of outdoor living and maintenance areas needing to be waterproofed including the rooftop balconies. The Casali range has the flexibility to be used in all areas with the added bonus that we could supply the same high quality product from the beginning of the project to the end making the process straightforward and easy”.

Rooftop Waterproofing @ Hampton

For this project the first step was to clean and prepare the surface which involved pressure washing then ensuring the substrate was sound and level with no offsets. Priming followed and Casali Dermaprimer Bitumen, a solvent based bituminous primer, was applied to enable superior adhesion between the torch on membrane and the substrate. For the first layer of waterproofing H2NO.

Rooftop Waterproofing @ Hampton

Waterproofing utilised Casali Dermabit 3mm Torch on membrane, a premier product in the Casali range. Dermabit 3mm torch on membrane offers exceptional waterproofing properties and a high quality finish whilst each sheet can be torched on whole or cut down to fit into any tight spots.

As the next step Casali Drain Droppers were installed down the waste pipes and subsequently sandwiched between layers of membrane to ensure there was zero chance of water penetration. “By sandwiching the drain droppers between the layers of membrane we provide further insurance against water getting in where it shouldn’t. Water will penetrate through even the most microscopic gap and cause damage to the substrate underneath so by installing the drain droppers this way we can be confident it won’t happen”.

Rooftop Waterproofing @ Hampton

Casali Dermabit 4mm torch on membrane provided the final layer in the waterproofing system installed at Hampton. Adam explains why; “We chose the Dermabit Mineral 4mm as it worked synergistically with the rest of the project. The developer wanted the flexibility to either leave certain areas exposed or cover them later with aggregate or pods and pavers and the Dermabit Mineral was able to offer this.”

Rooftop Waterproofing @ Hampton

Total time for completion of the rooftop waterproofing works was just under four weeks and the end result was a professional and watertight finish offering flexibility and an aesthetically pleasing outlook. “We were thrilled with how well this project came up. The products were easy to use and the variety in the range meant we could stick with one complete system throughout the entire project and know that it would work well” said Adam. Overall the Casali products were the perfect complement to this high end development!

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