11 Nov 2021 by Autex Acoustics

Superfreak Studios

Located in Joondalup, Western Australia, Superfreak Studios is a popular and professional recording studio for musos in all walks of life. Acoustic professional Shannon de Bie – Owner and Director of Pro Sound Productions – set about to design and create a visually radical yet highly functional acoustic treatment for the space’s intended use. Comprising of six uniquely themed studio rooms within extremely close proximity to one another, as well as a fully functioning kitchen and two bathrooms, Superfreak needed to ensure that the reverberation levels are conducive to recording music whilst also creating a visually exciting aesthetic.

Superfreak Studios

Superfreak Studios

Superfreak Studios

Superfreak Studios

- Firm: Autex Australia Pty Ltd
- Type: Other Community & Recreation
- Design Style: 
Contemporary, Modern
- Architect/ Designer: 
Shannon de Bie
- Location: 
Western Australia

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