14 May 2021 by Boon Edam

Access Control is More Effective When Seamlessly Integrated with Security Entrances

In a new white paper, Boon Edam explores how access control is more effective when seamlessly integrated with security entrances such as speedlanes or security revolving doors.

The white paper discusses:

• What are access control systems and devices?

• Why access control is more effective with security entrances

• Access control sequence for speedlanes

• Popular ways to integrate access control devices with security speedlanes.

• Providing entry assurance with biometric authentication.

• Access control sequence for security revolving doors/ mantrap portals

The type of security entrance that is coupled with an access control system plays a critical role in how effectively unauthorised entry is mitigated – and the ideal technology can vary depending on the application.

Please click the link to view Boon Edam's Access Control White Paper

For any further information on Boon Edam’s comprehensive suite of security entrance solutions pr, I encourage you to contact us to learn more or organise a CPD Presentation on the topics of security, entrance management or touchless enntrances.

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