22 Apr 2021 by Boon Edam

Calculate the HVAC and Energy Savings of Revolving Doors

For architects looking to achieve good LEED, NABERS and Green Star ratings, energy saving and reduction of HVAC is a major consideration. Additionally, it helps meet the recommendations of Section J of the National Construction Code relating to energy efficiency.

But how do we know what level of saving this is producing, and whether the ROI stacks up? How does it compare with using a sliding door?

In close cooperation with the TU Delft, one of the leading technical universities in the Netherlands, Boon Edam has developed energy savings calculation software that is able to tell you just that. You can enter building specific information such as dimensions, orientation and air permeability and combine them with local weather information to create an accurate comparison between energy use with a revolving door versus a sliding door.

The software can then calculate the savings you will achieve over time. What it shows is that while revolving doors typically have a higher up-front cost, ROI is a lot shorter than most people first think and within a few years of installation, a revolving door can ‘deliver further savings in perpetuity beyond that point, as shown in the graph below.

Calculate the HVAC and Energy Savings of Revolving Doors

The savings are displayed as kWh per month and include a simple payback time calculation. Greenhouse gas emissions are also shown, with a figure on CO2 reduction achieved through revolving doors. Of course, revolving doors also firm up valuable lobby space for other uses, because occupants are protected from the elements inside their more comfortable environment.

If you would like to see how this software works, please contact Boon Edam and we would be happy to provide a free demonstration either in person, or online.

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