14 Sep 2021 by Boon Edam

Clubs Turn To Revolving Doors for Greater Control Over HVAC, Crowds and Pollutants

For Leagues clubs, RSLs and community clubs, forward-thinking facility and building managers are turning to revolving doors to provide greater control in three key areas: 

1. HVAC. With revolving doors being “always open, always closed”, more cool air is kept inside in summer, and warm air is retained in winter. The HVAC savings can often mean the total cost of investment can be repaid within two years and reduce the carbon footprint of a building over its lifetime

2. Crowds. In a Covid-affected world, a touchless entry like a revolving door is ideal. It also controls traffic flow smoothly, without sudden influxes of visitors overwhelming reception staff and compromising admission criteria.

3. Smoke and pollutants. Revolving doors provide an excellent barrier against dust, smoke, debris and other pollutants posing OH&S and comfort issues. This means, they can be an ideal division between a dedicated smoking area, such as poker machine areas, and another section of a club as OH&S separation rules increase.

Controlling these aspects of a club is part of a sensible risk management plan, and is one method of keeping compliant with OH&S and insurance requirements.

Additionally, revolving doors are an aesthetically pleasing architectural component of a club, often creating a grand first impression, or elegantly separating two different areas inside.

Boon Edam Australia has worked with a range of large and small clubs locally, in addition to having extensive global expertise in this market. We would be happy to personally show you examples.

Please do not hesitate to contact Boon Edam’s National Business Development Manager Darren Assey on 0426 703 326 for more information.

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