18 Mar 2021 by Boon Edam

Hospitality, and Energy Savings, Start at the Front Door

The entry to a hotel or restaurant forms the gateway to hospitality – a place where you can relax and recharge. Not only does the front entrance make a striking first impression and elevate customer perception, but if a revolving door is used, it can have energy-saving benefits, too.

That’s because revolving doors act beautifully as an airlock, reducing strain on HVAC systems, which is one of the recommendations of Section J of the National Construction Code relating to energy efficiency.

On warmer days, they keep expensive cool air in, reducing air-conditioning costs. In cooler times, they keep cold air out, thereby reducing heating costs.

Revolving doors also provide a touchless entry solution to protect occupants and meet Covid-19 hygiene and safety requirements.

As the leading manufacturer of revolving doors globally, Boon Edam has installed hundreds of stylish, customised and energy-saving revolving doors for high-end hotels, restaurants and hospitality venues. Boon Edam has developed a case study compilation, to showcase real world examples of venues that have experienced the benefits of revolving doors first-hand. I encourage you to have a look look through the link and contact us should you have further questions

Boon Edam Hotel and Case Study Compilation.

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