26 Aug 2021 by Boon Edam

New Boon Edam CPD Presentation - Access Control Integration in Security Entrances

The new CPD presentation, Access control integration with security entrances, is worth 1 Formal CPD point nationally, and will be available via video call as required, so that companies can participate, while still meeting social distancing requirements. Access control systems and security entrances have worked side by side for decades, each performing vital roles in deterring or preventing unauthorised entry, and monitoring who is inside a building or facility.

This CPD presentation will discuss how, rather than having two separate systems, a seamless integration of the two technologies can deliver optimum outcomes for building safety, security, and hygiene (including Covid entry requirements).

The presentation will also cover:

• Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM)

• Executing a physical security strategy

• The different types of access control systems

• How to best integrate the technology with different types of security entrances.

So if you’re an architect or specifier interested in security, and you’d like the latest updates on access control system integration, we encourage you to contact Boon Edam’s National Business Development Manager, Darren Assey on 0426 703 326 and request the CPD.

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