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The Briggs wood story began in 1908 when George Largie Briggs, the founder of G.L.Briggs and Sons, built the first saw mill at Dorrigo, NSW. The company established a new saw mill and village at Briggsvale in 1923, where veneer milling started in 1933. The Briggsvale saw and veneer-milling operation ceased in 1993.

Today, the Briggs Veneers continues to pioneer quality and innovation within the timber industry. Briggs Veneers offers veneer, laminate and panel products sourced from sustainably managed forests - including the TrueGrain® reconstituted timber, Woodstock dyed veneers, eco-cert® environmentally certified veneers, Innato®, Oberflex® and Shinnoki® pre-finished veneer laminates, Pure Paper® Matt Color and Metal laminates, and FLAMEBLOCK® Fire Retardant MDF.

Briggs Veneers is committed to the responsible use of the world’s resources. We offer more than 300 types of quality veneer products and MDF made from wood sourced from sustainably managed forests and wood-lots in the US, Canada, Europe/the EU, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Sustainable harvest means that the amount of timber that grows back each year is greater than, or equal to, the amount harvested. Sustainable forests are managed in accordance with strict laws and regulations to protect biodiversity, endangered species, water quality and other environmental values.

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