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The surest source of health, wellbeing, and happiness

Safe, healthy, and invigorating experiences create happy communities, in which people truly love where they live, learn, work and play.

A well-planned, designed and managed public space should include access to fresh and clean drinking water. But just as important are handwashing facilities to keep the community safe, public showers to provide refreshment, secure bike parking, and bicycle repair stations to support efficient urban mobility.

These enhanced public spaces encourage healthy lifestyles - the essence of a happy community. 

Enabling healthy lifestyles

Civiq is an Australian family-owned company. We create, manufacture, and distribute smart, design-led, solutions for people who value the health, well-being, and happiness of their community.

You’ll find our products in many of your public spaces, like your local parks, along your favourite commuting routes, in your local educational facilities, and around many of the commercial buildings, you visit in your community.

Our products include water bottle refill stations and drinking fountains, handwashing stations, outdoor showers, bike racks and repair stations, and more.

Enabling healthy lifestyles is at the heart of everything we do. As your trusted partner for dispensing smart solutions throughout your public spaces, we take responsibility for your project from design to installation, and beyond.

This is how we’re achieving our mission to help you make your amenities and services healthy, hygienic, and accessible to people of all abilities in your community, so we can all love where we live, learn work and play. 

Driving behavioural change

Easy access to drinking water in the community drives positive behavioural change.

Encouraging the use of reusable bottles reduces dehydration, dependence on sugary drinks, helps fight obesity and reduces waste. It helps create a better planet for current and future generations.

By specialising in the manufacture and delivery of smart hydration solutions, and by collaborating with local councils, water authorities, architects, interior designers, developers, plumbers, and builders we provide easy access to drinking water in communities.

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