16 Aug 2021 by Clock Masters Australia

Trade News July 2021 - Clockmasters Australia Pty Ltd

  • Cost effective solution for small projects.
  • Illuminated indoor clocks
  • Indoor and outdoor water proof clocks with IP 66 ratting


Clockmasters CMA-NTP clocks are a cost effective solution for small projects.

We can supply a basic clock with NTP connection and option of PoE or 240Vac power connection.

The clocks come in hour & minute or hour, minute and seconds display.

Display available in red, blue & green.

Case in black plastic.

Options of wall mounting or double side. The double side clocks offer Ceiling drop of 40cm or right angle out of wall bracket.

These clocks are an indoor clock ideal for work shops, schools, small offices and day surgeries where accuracy of time is important.

Better visibility with our Flex illuminated indoor clock.

Flex stands for excellent flexibility and countless possibilities. Flex adapts to any underlying conditions, whether these relate to technical operating requirements, time codes, installation options or design, and meets requirements with precision. This time it is the lighting for indoor clocks. Yes, it is now possible to provide illumination with all the dial types for indoor environment. With the new development & re-designing it is possible to see the time even in a dark indoor environment.

For an office, hallway or waiting room - the classic and discrete analogue clock is now ready for these applications. With this new feature of Flex, it is possible to adjust the brightness to certain levels as needed.

Trade News July 2021 - Clockmasters Australia Pty Ltd

A range of clocks for wet areas and cold rooms with an IP 66

The clocks made in the Prestige Line technology are compact devices of high con-figuration capacity. The intuitive user's menu allows you to fully customise the type of the displayed information. The devices have non-volatile memory, which stores the entered settings. The set consists of a clock, mounting hardware, a remote control or a LAN communication module. The clock may be optionally equipped with a satellite time synchronisation module, a temperature probe, an industrial

Trade News July 2021 - Clockmasters Australia Pty Ltd

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