01 Nov 2021 by Con-Serv

Con-Serv Streamjet Shower now available in WELS 4-STARS

Con-Serv has long been recognised as a pioneer in water-efficient showerheads, and has continued to develop solutions that will not only save you water, but will also save your back pocket!

Showers, washing machines, toilets and taps are the biggest water-users in the home and it is estimated that Australians could save $2 billion by 2030 with an average annual saving of $175 per household1 by switching to water-efficient products such as Con-Serv’s Streamjet™ WELS2* 4-Star rated showerhead.

For a family of 4, replacing a 3-Star showerhead that flows at 9L/min, with a 4-Star shower that flows at 6L/min will save 35kL and over $100 each year on water bills (based on an 8-minute shower per person per day with water at $2.99 per kL).3

There will also be savings on energy bills because less water will need to be heated.

Streamjet™ 4-Star Showers are available in overhead and handheld shower options, and are available in Chrome, White or Matte Black finish.

For more information on Con-Serv’s 4-Star Streamjet™ showers, view our Streamjet™ range or contact one of our Customer Service Team members on (07) 3630 5744.

*The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme helps Australians compare the water efficiency of a range of appliances and fixtures. To learn more about the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme, visit the WEL’s website https://www.waterrating.gov.au


1. https://www.energy.gov.au/households/water-efficiency

2. https://www.waterrating.gov.au

3. https://www.energy.gov.au/households/water-efficiency

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