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Danpal provides innovative light architecture systems for a wide range of applications, from glazing and cladding to partitions and ceiling systems. Our architectural and engineering team work collaboratively with architects and designers, creating building solutions that are both practical and visually spectacular. We provide unparalleled support and technical service from concept through to completion.

Perfect for a Wide Range of Applications
Danpal systems are perfect for many commercial, domestic and industrial applications. Whether you are seeking a unique interior visual effect, a pre-engineered structural roof or an intelligent daylighting or shading system, we can provide you with the very best solutions available.

Specialist Manufacturers and Suppliers
Danpal is a market-leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative and complete light architecture solutions for the building envelope. We offer versatile, convenient pre-engineered solutions to and can customise to your precise specifications. Explore our extensive range of light architecture solutions & systems.

• Facades – Danpal’s translucent systems are the best on the market. They enable simple, quick and effective installation of facades.
• Cladding – The Danpal® VRS cladding system provides exceptionally light, visually attractive and waterproof protection with superior insulation
• Roofing – Danpal® Roofing solutions provide high impact resistance, flexibility and an exciting range of creative possibilities.
• Skylights – Danpal’s skylight systems allow you to explore new possibilities for designing buildings filled with light – with control of light intensity and energy consumption together with flexible installation.
• Shading – Danpal® shading solutions offer ultimate control over thermal and solar dynamics, as well as superior durability and UV protection. Available in a wide variety of colours and finishes to spark your imagination.
• Interiors – Innovative interior solutions with superior light and visual appearance.

“Everything inspires me; sometimes I think I see things others don’t.” Norman Foster
Here at Danpal, we know that inspiration more often than not comes to our architects when it is least expected. It may be from an image, a glance, a word spoken, a light change, an angle, a problem needing fixing and even as famous architect, Norman Foster said, it can be from something that no-one else sees. We continuously expand our collection of stimuli that inspires us so we can share our enthusiasm and inspiration with you as well!

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