The Brisbane Drinking Fountain

13 Dec 2022 by Draffin Street Furniture

There are many economical drinking fountains on the market. Most of these economical drink fountains are made to a price point, and due to the materials available within this budget, most are not made to last.

Draffin Street Furniture strives for smart design in every product. Seeing the need for a strong and reliable yet economical drink fountain, our design team set about using manufacturing techniques that have proven these qualities. Our state of the art computer aided machinery allows for quick part cutting and forming, and due to part accuracy, simple to assemble and weld. A fully welded body design has always proven most reliable for commercial applications.

Enter the Brisbane Drinking Fountain. The fully welded body is made with 316 grade stainless steel for strength and reliability. The smart and simpler folded sheet metal design minimises labour costs in manufacturing, and leaves room for extra features not generally found on drinking fountains at this price point.

The Brisbane Drinking Fountain

The key features speak for themselves:

  • A high back hood around the drinking bubbler protects the bubbler, preventing bubbler breakage through vandalism
  • The tap and all plumbing hardware is Watermark approved
  • 316 grade stainless steel is easy to keep clean and highly corrosion resistant
  • Built in service tap with security key
  • Built in security shut-off valve
  • Optional easy clean Dog Bowl with refill tap

The Brisbane Drinking Fountain

For ease of installation the fountain can be bolted directly to concrete, or a “ragbolt” can be supplied for inground installation. Simply install the ragbolt into concrete along with a plumbed water supply, place the water fountain on the ragbolt and adjust the level to suit before locking it down.

The Brisbane Drinking Fountain is simple to install and will prove an economical and reliable choice for specification into many projects, and serve well as a replacement to aging drinking fountains already installed throughout Australia. 

Brisbane Drinking Fountain

Draffin Street Furniture
Draffin Street Furniture
Draffin design and manufacture public place furniture and waste collection infrastructure for government, education and commercial customers across Australia and Asia.Although we have one of the most comprehensive ranges of proprietary products in the industry, we love to share our experience and expertise with our customers to work together on custom solutions. Operating for 65 years, Draffin has forged a name that stands for quality, service and integrity. To this day Draffin Street Furniture is a family business, wholly Australian owned. With a team of over 40 employees, all our products are manufactured in Melbourne, Australia, using materials sourced from local suppliers.In an extremely tough industry, Draffin have remained in business for over 65 years where many others have failed. This is due to our customer service and integrity. We believe in quality, and stand by what we do.


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