13 Jul 2021 by EASY FALL® Guttering

New Roll-Formed EASY FALL® Guttering

The Major Features are: • The EASY FALL® Bracket which gives up to 75mm (3 inches) of fall but looks perfectly straight from the street. Look how quickly the water flows! • The PVC Gutter is a lifetime product if you keep it out of the sun. We do that by enclosing it with a beautiful Colorbond® Steel finish that looks great and eliminates painting. • The Colorbond® Steel shell now incorporates the Leaf Guard which makes it quicker and easier to install. It simply clips into the brackets. • The Leaf Guard is easy to clean and the wind will assist to clear most leaves (especially with a good wind aspect)• EASY FALL® Guttering is ideal for bushfire affected areas • Corners and stop-ends complete the installation with ease. • The end result is a guttering system that really works (and looks great)! • Check out our new Roll-Formed Guttering! • The machine rolls the product consistently – ready to go with holes punched and ready for installation. How Good is That!!

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