16 Jul 2021 by EBSA

EBSA NZ Named as Finalist in the Innovation Category at the WGANZ 2021 Design Awards

EBSA is thrilled to announce that we have been named as a finalist in the ‘Innovation Category’ at Window and Glass Association NZ, 2021 Design Awards for the Commercial Bay LF550 Louvre System. An outstanding effort by the EBSA team and our partner on this project, Door + Window Systems. True recognition of our commitment to delivering leading-edge technology and innovation within the construction industry.

Working alongside our partner's Door + Window Systems, EBSA supplied and installed the largest LF550 ever built in the world at Auckland’s Commercial Bay Saxon & Parole Restaurant.

EBSA NZ Named as Finalist in the Innovation Category at the WGANZ 2021 Design Awards

Complete with our CPSM high-level control panel that can be programmed and monitored remotely, EBSA was able to commission the project during the COVID lockdown from Australia with the help of our partner's Door + Window Systems.

The LF550 is a true “operable façade”, capable of wide spans and large blade heights which assumes the appearance of a fixed façade when in the closed position. The frameless nature and concealed mullions are attractive features to architects looking to maintain the all-glass look of their developments.

Unlike domestic louvres, the LF550 features blade heights up to 600mm and individual spans of up to 1990mm wide. Importantly for commercial projects, the LF550 can accommodate a wide variety of glass configurations from 11.51 up to 21.52mm. The system can be manually operated via a geared window or automated with the ability to interface seamlessly with BMS and Fire Systems via a dedicated smoke control interface.

The large-format, frameless glass louvre system showcases the definition of an operable façade. It delivers a sleek modern design that maximises natural night and ventilation throughout the building.

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