About Everhard Industries

Australian manufactured solutions, for generations to come.

Everhard Industries is an Australian family-owned manufacturer of Drainage, Wastewater and Environmental solutions for residential and commercial applications. In addition to our extensive drainage range, we are also the market leaders in Laundry Units and Sinks for the home. Back in 1926, Everhard pioneered the original concrete laundry tub in Queensland.

Using environmentally conscious materials and sustainable manufacturing techniques, our products are designed for Australian homes and Australian conditions, working to conserve the environment for the future.

Our Purpose:

Sustainable Australian manufactured solutions for generations to come.

As a family-owned, Australian manufacturing business, we pride ourselves on the strong Values that form the foundation for our team in the work they do here at Everhard. These Values are a reflection of who we are and what we stand for, as a brand and as a business, setting us up to work to a high standard for our customers, stakeholders and community.

Our Values – The Everhard Family Tree:

Our foundation, known as the EI Way, sets the practices that give expression to our Values and paves the way for our team to create and achieve a successful and rewarding work environment.

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