Gerflor AU GTI EL5 Connect Industry

26 Jul 2022 by Gerflor

Protect your building and technical assets!

GTI EL5 Connect is a heavy-duty flooring solution that can withstand the rigor of industrial equipment movement in warehouse facilities, whilst protecting technical assets from electro-static discharge.

This modular solution can be quickly installed directly over the existing subfloor, with no glue, no dust, and no mess! Your facility can remain operational during installation, with minimal disruption to activity. GTI EL5 Connect is easy to maintain and stain-resistant thanks to Evercare surface treatment.

Watch the video to see a warehouse floor transformed using Gerflor's GTI EL5 Connect!

"MOVE ON GERFLOR"LEADERSHIP IN RESILIENT FLOORING SOLUTIONSGerflor is recognized as a specialist and a world leader in resilient flooring solutions. The group creates, manufactures and markets innovative, design-led and ecoresponsible solutions for flooring and complementary interior finishes. As a leading vinyl flooring manufacturer they are already well-established in more than 100 countries, Gerflor is continuously developing its activities in new markets.MEMBER : Australian Resilient Flooring Association (ARFA)The Australian Resilient Flooring Association (ARFA) aims to advance the resilient flooring industry. ARFA works to achieve this through various initiatives and collaboration with a range of relevant entities and stakeholders. Key areas of achievement include standards review, product stewardship, market data, environmental accreditation and industry codes of practice.  ARFA website link.ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE SOLUTIONSGerflor prides itself on being an environmentally responsible flooring manufacturer. All Gerflor production sites are ISO14001 certified. We set ourselves the highest standards when it comes to environmental quality. Gerflor uses recycled materials across all our product ranges. Our new generation of looselay products reduces the use of adhesives and facilitate recovery and recycling at the end of the product's life. In addition, our products are easy to maintain throughout their lives and qualify for credits under many internationally accredited Green Building Schemes.A MULTISPECIALIST GROUPGerflor’s main strength builds on specialization in four key competencies :• Architecture• Decoration• Sport• Technospecific.What makes us unique and strong comes from combining these competencies.A COMMITTED AND EXPERIENCED TEAMOur most valuable resource is our people. Their commitment and enthusiasm for our customers success are our main asset. Gerflor’s employees are an essential part of the Gerflor brand experience. They are driven by well-established and often noted core values that make them entrepreneurial, approachable and respectful, with a sense of partnership.A PASSION FOR CUSTOMERS SUCCESSOur brand is our promise and it grows through the positive experiences provided to stakeholders, particularly our customers and our employees around the world. We reaffirm that promise on a daily basis to anticipate and meet the specific needs of users, specifiers, installers and distributors wherever they may be. It also compels us to deliver total quality and competitiveness to ensure our customers success in all their projects.Gerflor designs, manufactures and markets complete innovative, decorative and eco-responsible interior finishes. The global group supplies commercial and residential flooring, wall covering, surface protection, accessibility aid, sports surface and recreational vehicle markets. Cutting edge technology and scientific research is backed by a dedicated team of Gerflor professionals working at the forefront of our industry. Gerflor Group gathers several world-renowned product brand names, such as Taraflex®, Mipolam®, DLW®, Tarabus®, Connor Sports®, Sportcourt® and Gradus®.


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