07 Sep 2021 by Goplay Commercial Playgrounds

Gregory Hills Hotel Playground Case Study

Opened early 2021, Gregory Hills Hotel offers a destination playground for all families to enjoy. The brief was to design a play space that wows and impresses. This is what Goplay delivered.

This colourful and striking structure offers 6 freestanding climbing towers that allows plenty of space for kids to run and weave around. These towers connect with 6 hovering crawl tube tunnels. There are 4 different slides through this immense structure, including a fun bendy helix slide and 2 pods geared with steering wheels where kids can let their imagination run wild.

This design has plenty of interactive play panels to enjoy, some on ground level which allow the littlest children to adventure close to their parents and build confidence. Other interactive panels are located on different levels and spaced throughout the playground for kids to explore!

As the sun sets over Gregory Hills, this impressive structure lights up the hotel with an amazing multi colour LED glow, a must see for all families to experience. The evolution of LED technology has given us the opportunity to incorporate lighting into our playgrounds. Gregory Hills at night provides an immersive experience and creates ambience within the entire hotel. Our colour changing LED lighting creates a whole world of adventure as kids find new aspects of play. Does green mean the aliens are here? Does blue mean you are under water? Is the volcano erupting as you play under the red light?

Gregory Hills Hotel has since had a plethora of wonderful reviews from families who have had the chance to experience this amazing playground. “We went yesterday and the kids loved it. We actually got to sit and talk whilst they played. When we left my eldest (6) said it was the greatest place he had ever eaten dinner!” – Lisa.

Goplay has had the incredible opportunity to work on a range of wonderful, exciting projects. Gregory Hills Hotel was a particularly exciting design to watch come to life and hand over to the new owners for it’s journey to begin as an engaging and wonderful play arena. Contact us today and

speak with our experienced sales and design team about what you would like to see in your soon to be amazing new play space. We will walk you through the process and come up with something specially tailored just for you. If you would like a friendly chat or free quote, please call 03 9308 1800 or visit www.goplay.net.au.

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