15 Aug 2022 by Havwoods International

Timber has always offered a sustainable solution for interior design and construction, but what if you took the waste from others and created something truly unique and equally exquisite. Shards of discarded timber are expertly and consistently set into a 0% VOC resin binder to form this one of a kind material.

Made in Britain and utilising a minimum of 65% waste material, timber terrazzo brings an amazing new take on wood flooring choices.

Available in both plank and tile format, these pre-finished products are easy to install and can be adjusted on site like any other wood flooring product.

Excited as we are? Contact us to request pricing and to discuss how this unique product could be incorporated into your design.

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Havwoods International
Havwoods International
DESIGN STARTS FROM THE FLOOR UPWelcome to Havwoods International, providing beautiful Wood Floors and Wood Wall Panels for homes, retail stores and work spaces throughout Australia and beyond. All of our products are of the highest quality construction ensuring a floor, wall, ceiling, joinery or cabinetry you can rely on. Our collection includes many different types of wood plank construction, including engineered wood flooring, decorative herringbone and chevron patterns, parquet, Versailles, prefinished veneer panels, and timber composite decking. Our comprehensive range ensures you can find exactly what you are searching for to meet your project requirements and create your dream space.


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