Helping Hand Project

11 Feb 2021 by Haymes Paint

If you’re a local community group, charity or business and feel you, or someone you know, could do with a helping hand from Haymes, apply and tell us why your building deserves a fresh coat of paint (including interior and exterior paints, texture finishes, timber finishes and a range of coatings), courtesy of your local Haymes Paint Shop. Our major prize winner will also receive volunteer painters (supplied by Haymes) to help complete their project. 

Haymes Paint
Haymes Paint
Its always good to know you’re using the best.A great business relationship always starts with trust. It grows stronger when that trust is rewarded, but always starts with a leap of faith. Someone saying “Let’s give this a go”. So here’s a bit about us. We are obsessed with quality.That means using the best ingredients and innovating with our product formulation and performance. Made in our new state of the art factory up here where we started in Ballarat. While our quality has never been driven by awards, it’s nice when they come. We’re the largest major Australian paint brand that’s Australian made and owned. We are proud to be Australian’s largest paint manufacturer. By supporting local manufacturing you are ensuring that you are not only getting quality product, but that jobs stay in Australia. We support independent paint businesses and shopping local.With a network Haymes Paint Shops and PaintRight stores and partnering with independent paint specialists and hardware stockists across Australia, you will receive expert advice and help another family business grow. We are a family business with over 85 years of experience.Back in 1935, Henry Haymes started out with the idea of making the very best paint he could and that aim has never changed.Today, the third generation leads the business and we are immensely proud of our team and conscious of living up to the high standards set by those who came before.


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