About eWater Systems

eWater Systems is an Australian owned B Corporation that replaces cleaning and hygiene chemicals with sustainable on site generators. Utilising sustainable electrolysis technology, our product solutions are installed in over 600 Australian businesses replacing over 370 Million litres of chemicals, eliminating an estimated 84 Million plastic containers and other waste associated with traditional cleaning chemicals. Its a circular economy solution that helps buildings meet over 7 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) and achieve Green Star, Nabers, Living Building Challenge and WELL points.

What is eWater

Simply put, eWater is an onsite generator of cleaning, sanitising and disinfectant solution that requires only salt, water and electricity as inputs. The system requires a simple installation in a kitchen or cleaning room and at the press of a button will produce an unlimited supply, replacing the need for the majority of commercial cleaning, sanitising and disinfectants found in businesses around the country.

eWater Disinfectant has been tested and listed by the TGA as commercial-grade disinfectant proven to kill COVID-19, and additionally holds accreditations from GECA, Australian Organics and HACCP as a food-safe product.

Hygiene That Doesn’t Cost the Earth

Combining natural ingredients, on-site generation and reusable consumables, eWater is the most sustainable TGA listed disinfectant and cleaning solution on the market – what eWater Systems calls ‘Hygiene that doesn’t cost the Earth’.

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