5 ways to use eWater for a safe workplace

19 May 2022 by eWater Systems

A combination of cleaning and disinfection will be most effective in removing the COVID-19 virus. Workplaces must be cleaned at least daily. Cleaning with detergent and water is usually sufficient. Once clean, surfaces can be disinfected.

With an easy-to-use, on-demand production capability, eWater can support all businesses in maintaining both a safe and healthy workplace. Here are five ways you can use eWater to ensure a safe workplace with no chemical risks –


1.     Share eWater with your whole team

Unlimited production makes it easy and economical to put eWater on every desk. We have many customers who have ordered our reusable spray bottles to share throughout their workplace.

By empowering your staff, you are helping lift the overall standard of hygiene, ensuring that workplaces are cleaned throughout the day in addition to the dedicated daily workplace clean and disinfect.


2.     Touch-points

Not every surface is high risk for contamination. Focus on touch-point and high traffic areas where droplets produced by an infected person coughing or sneezing may have contaminated surfaces.


3.     Desks, computers & personal items

With no harsh or volatile ingredients, eWater Cleaner, Sanitiser and Disinfectant can safely be used on desks, computers and your personal items. It will leave no chemical residue and contains no synthetic fragrances common in disinfectant products.


4.     Remember to Clean before Disinfecting

Work Safe Australia guidelines recommend that workplaces need to be cleaned before disinfecting. This is to minimise the risk of dirt and grime harbouring microorganisms. eWater Cleaner is a versatile cleaning solution that can be used throughout workplaces and on all surfaces. Use eWater Cleaner before applying eWater Sanitiser or Disinfectant for best results.


5.     Allow you staff to take eWater home

Take an extra step to support your team through this tough period by allowing them to refill spray bottles of cleaner, disinfectant and sanitiser to take home. Better personal hygiene leads to better workplace safety and promotes healthy workplaces.

With an extremely low cost and endless production capability, eWater can be economically shared with your team to help them get through. 

eWater Systems
eWater Systems
eWater Systems is an Australian owned B Corporation that replaces cleaning and hygiene chemicals with sustainable on site generators. Utilising sustainable electrolysis technology, our product solutions are installed in over 600 Australian businesses replacing over 370 Million litres of chemicals, eliminating an estimated 84 Million plastic containers and other waste associated with traditional cleaning chemicals. Its a circular economy solution that helps buildings meet over 7 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) and achieve Green Star, Nabers, Living Building Challenge and WELL points.What is eWaterSimply put, eWater is an onsite generator of cleaning, sanitising and disinfectant solution that requires only salt, water and electricity as inputs. The system requires a simple installation in a kitchen or cleaning room and at the press of a button will produce an unlimited supply, replacing the need for the majority of commercial cleaning, sanitising and disinfectants found in businesses around the country.eWater Disinfectant has been tested and listed by the TGA as commercial-grade disinfectant proven to kill COVID-19, and additionally holds accreditations from GECA, Australian Organics and HACCP as a food-safe product.Hygiene That Doesn’t Cost the EarthCombining natural ingredients, on-site generation and reusable consumables, eWater is the most sustainable TGA listed disinfectant and cleaning solution on the market – what eWater Systems calls ‘Hygiene that doesn’t cost the Earth’.


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