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10 Aug 2022 by Build Green - Kerakoll

Liquid glass for perfect joints

Build Green - Kerakoll
Build Green - Kerakoll
KERAKOLL IS THE GREENBUILDING COMPANYOur goal is to address the issues of environmental responsibility, climate change and the demand for energy to create building materials inline with the principles of sustainability, wellbeing and energy efficiency.“IN BUSINESS, SUCCESS IS NOT SUCCESS UNTIL IT’S ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE.” - Romano Sghedoni, 1984KERAKOLL IS FOCUSED ON THE ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY AND TECHNICAL INNOVATION OF BUILDING MATERIALSThis is the core philosophy that underlies Kerakoll GreenBuilding. The pillars of healthy housing are indoor air quality, advanced environmental and energy standards, and healthy spaces that exist in harmony with nature.GREENBUILDING MEANS HEALTHIER FROM THE INSIDEGreenBuilding is the eco-friendly style of building that focuses on indoor well-being. To achieve it, attention must be paid to how we inhabit our living spaces and how they are built, from the breathability of walls to how the building is insulated, and from chemical pollution to the healthiness of the indoor environment. The physical and psychological wellbeing of GreenBuilding necessarily moves from improving these factors to the design phase itself.The issues of environmental responsibility, climate change, limits on the use of non-renewable resources and the demand for energy are pivotal in ensuring a better quality of life for present and future generations.Encouraging building construction and renovation using materials made exclusively with components of natural mineral origin, with low environmental impact, recycled and with reduced emissions of CO2 helps protect our planet and lies at the very foundation of Kerakoll GreenBuilding.All products have been certified eco-friendly in accordance with the GreenBuilding Rating for environmental impact assessment.


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