25 May 2021 by Koda Lighting

Trimless = seamless

To better integrate your lighting with your interiors, choose the new Wire Trimless Accessory by Arkoslight, now available for a select range of best-selling products.

The Wire Trimless Accessory allows each product’s power cables and suspension wires to merge with the ceiling, removing the need for a ceiling rose and making the lighting components less obtrusive. The result is a cleaner ceiling space and a more discreet accent lighting solution for residential interiors, reception desks, shopfronts and showrooms.

It can be ordered with a range of products including the Salt and Salt mini, Art, Minimal Track and more. Arkoslight is constantly making its lighting solutions more discreet and versatile, without compromising on light quality or output; the Wire Trimless Accessory will make this range of low-key lighting products even more subtle.

This accessory is ideal for interiors that already have downlights, vents, cameras or other elements in the ceiling. By removing the lighting canopy, you can reduce visual clutter and create a more harmonious space.

You can view the Wire Trimless Accessory brochure here. Apply for a quote on our website today or contact us at [email protected] for more information!

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