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GREEN WITH ENVY#ProjectAvondale by Nectaar Interior Design Studio

While the classic white kitchen may be a perennial favourite, a colour palette that has come to the fore in recent kitchen joinery projects is green. Designers have experimented with the full spectrum, with every shade of green entering the kitchen space: from pale mint, soft sage and earthy olives to the more dazzling jewel-toned shades of emerald, mid forest and rich jungle green.

We can understand why this fresh colour is now a top choice for kitchen cabinetry. With its association to nature and the outside world, it is a colour with an organic quality that symbolises freshness, energy and revival yet imbues a sense of calm.

Green is also a surprisingly versatile hue as it pairs well with a whole host of other colours from pure white to midnight black. Natural wood accents, stone and metal elements all work wonderfully with this colour option.

Annie Bowen from Annie Bowen Design had us all pining for green kitchen cabinets when she debuted her #glebesemi project using our Kintore Pulls and Carlisle Pulls in brass, creating the effect of subtle jewellery on perfectly toned-down mint cabinetry, paired with soft grey natural stone. #ProjectAvondale by Nectaar Interior Design Studio showcases the effectiveness of black hardware against mid-green joinery with our Kintore Pulls in black.

Arielle states, “The beauty is that you can pair green with any of the metals: brass, aged brass, copper, nickel, white, black …it all works. While green and brass is a colour combination that works incredibly well together, we cannot wait to see some projects featuring green and our newly released bronze handles and knobs. These two finishes make for a stunning combination.”

1. #Glebesemi project by Annie Bowen Design
2. Green Kitchen Ideas: Image Credit: Wickes
3. Huckletree Workspace by Sella Concept, photo by Genevive Lutkin
4. Long Island kitchen of Athena Calderone, photo by Rebecca Wakefield via Studio Dearborn
5. Dakota Johnson’s mid century kitchen, photo by Simon Upton via Architectural Digest
6. Adelaide kitchen by Jag Kitchens

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