Project Completion

14 Jul 2022 by Marathon Modular

Project Completion | Camden Works Depot.

Marathon Modular recenly delivered a new Administration Building with Hibernian Contracting for Camden Council as part of a $9M redevelopment plan. Marathon was thrilled to provide a custom space solution to provide high service levels to the local community.

Congratulations to the team on another great project delivery.
Head over to the portfolio on our website to see more on this project.

Marathon Modular
There’s Modular Builders; then there’s us.Marathon Modular is a division of Marathon Group Pty Ltd. A family-owned business that has been in the construction industry for over 30 years. Marathon is leading the industry in delivering high-quality custom-designed construction services utilising modular building methodologies. We have a strong focus on quality, transparency and clarity through all stages of design and construction through to delivery. Our capabilities range from Classrooms, Offices, Childcare Facilities, Sporting Pavilions, Double Story Buildings, Amenities Buildings, General Learning Areas for Schools, Colleges, Universities, COLA’s, Service Stations, Health Facilities and more. We have a solution to suit all requirements.Prequalified DfMA Manufacturer for SINSW.Our Vision – We are Australia’s leading provider of contemporary modular buildings. From design to installation, we construct the highest quality building solutions through innovative thinking.Our Mission – Marathon is the can-do force in the modular building industry. We transform ideas into a reality, providing complete end to end solutions to our clients through creativity and quality.Our Values – Responsible ~ Creative ~ Innovative ~ QualityWhy Build Modular?- Faster Can be delivered and installed in a fraction of the time of traditional build projects.- Value for money Can be up to 30% cheaper than a traditional construction, depending on level of finishes, no hidden costs or variations.- Better quality Off-site production line assembly, ensuring greater quality in a controlled environment.- More eco-friendly Less impact on the environment with reduced site times, minimal foundation excavations, less waste with factory construction and fewer journeys to site as high proportion constructed in the factory by local workers.- Less disruption Reduced time on site results in less noise and general disruption to your operations.- Safer High proportion of off-site factory construction, means less hazardous time working on-site.- Relocatable Potential to relocate your asset at a later date should requirements change.- Faster return on investment Faster delivery means your capital investment can start earning much quicker.


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