13 Aug 2021 by Market Timbers

5 Timber & Flooring Trends For The New Year

Open Plan Kitchen & Timber Dining

Table Open living spaces are all the trend right now. This most certainly applies to the kitchen which many are combining with their dining area to create a beautiful place for meals and gatherings. It is also very popular to pair white benchtops with a neutral colour to create modern minimalistic look.

Cork Ceiling

Often looked to for flooring, Architects & Designers are getting creative with the use of cork on ceilings. This is bringing attention to an often forgotten feature of the home. An additional benefit is cork offering excellent sound and thermal insulation.

Timber Storage

Another trend that is picking up is the use of timber in storage cupboards. The white cabinetry is complemented by light timber interiors to create a seamless look.

Cork Floor Tiles

The use of cork floor tiles has been trending up over recent years and it’s easy to understand why. An economically friendly product that has a great natural look and also offers outstanding insulation and underfoot comfort.

Environmentally friendly finish

Another product that is trending due to an increase in environmentally friendly construction. Hardwood floor finishes will low VOC’s are on the rise. They also prevent the floor from getting a yellow tinge like some two pack polyurethane does.

All signs are pointing towards an increase in eco-friendly building materials in 2021. Timber and cork are perfectly positioned to assist architects and designers to create greener buildings.

If you would like assistance specifying cork or timber products. Get in touch with our sales team who have extensive knowledge of these materials.

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