Go Green With Penetron Admix, And Add Up To 60+ Years To The Lifespan Of Your Concrete!

30 Nov 2020 by Penetron Australia

Go green with Penetron Admix, and add up to 60+ years to the lifespan of your concrete!

Penetron Admix enhances concrete durability in the most critical environments, with a solution that provides low permeability, lower shrinkage, resistance to chemical attack and has self-healing capabilities.

Take your build to the next level with integral concrete waterproofing technology that will do the job right!

If you’d like to know more about Penetron Admix, or if you need assistance with the right concrete waterproofing and durability system, contact our team - 1800PENETRON (1800 73638766) or [email protected]

Hacene Baleh National Technical Manager, Petro Flokis Australasian Sales Manager, Rob King Territory Manager QLD, Paul Amestoy Territory Manager NSW, Reece Cole Territory Manager NSW, Alan Vest Territory Manager NSW/ACT, and Vito Pizzingrilli Regional Sales Manager VIC/TAS & SA.

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Penetron Australia
Penetron Australia
Penetron Australia is the industry leader in providing waterproofing durability and concrete repair products. We are leaders by providing value-added services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process.Penetron Australia is an independent and wholly Australian owned private company. Penetron Australia provide their clients with customized, technical and commercial support to ensure a quality-controlled application of Penetron products that meet the demands of their projects.As a result Penetron products have been used on a large range of projects across challenging applications in infrastructure and private sector projects including hydroelectric power plants, sewage treatment plants, tunnels, bridges, marine environments, water retaining structures, residential and commercial basements.The ability of Penetron products to efficiently protect concrete structures and to enhance the durability of treated concrete has been acknowledged by a multitude of renowned test laboratories as well as major engineering and architectural departments, contractors and ready-mix companies.Its proven performance, ease and versatility of application have made Penetron a preferred choice and trusted brand for waterproofing and concrete protection in the global building community.


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