3 reasons why case histories are a must-read

31 Jan 2023 by Real World Epoxies Pty Ltd

Case histories, case studies, project reviews – call them what you want, but having a read of these documents is a must for any homeowner, business owner, builder, designer or architect looking to get a new resin floor.

Here are three reasons why:

Project details – Case histories not only contain quality photos of finished floors, they also touch on important finer details of previous projects such as floor description, total area, products/system used, and even notable aspects or challenges that made it a standout.

Inspiration – A wide array of impressive projects presented in this clean and clear format allows you to see what’s worked well in the past and helps visualise how similar resin floors might look in your space.

Credibility and trust – While suppliers and installers may talk about a long history of exceptional work, so does everyone. Having a large catalogue of professionally documented projects sets them apart from the rest and proves they can deliver the results they speak of.

To view a selection of our recently updated case histories, head to the system pages of our website.

Real World Epoxies Pty Ltd
Real World Epoxies Pty Ltd
For over 20 years, Real World Epoxies has been manufacturing high-quality, proven products for resin flooring installers that want to get the job done right – the first time!This is important because these businesses have battled for far too long in an industry with no association or best practices, and many suppliers chasing each other in a race to the bottom.To go mainstream and sit alongside tiles, carpet, timber and vinyl, we’ve got to make it easier to choose, install, maintain, and, most importantly, to trust.For this, we offer our clients the following promise:To only supply proven, reliable, safe products, with no sales talk, and a commitment to help get the best possible outcome for their projects.


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