Custom flooring at The Venny communal space

02 Nov 2022 by Real World Epoxies Pty Ltd

At Real World Epoxies, a big source of satisfaction comes from helping floor owners, designers and architects get the custom floor they dream of. It’s just what we do! Here’s another quick example:

The Venny is a government-funded communal backyard and play space for children. A few years ago, we were involved in the restoration of the old building in a project that had a heavy focus on merging sustainability with eye-catching design.

Refurbished shipping containers, a green “planted” roof, water recycling and other environmentally-friendly elements were featured, as well as a large community art piece for the main flooring area. It was here we were able to contribute products and expertise to make the bold flooring concept a reality. .

From a technical point of view, the products needed to go down thick, have excellent wetting and levelling characteristics, and couldn’t damage the artworks in any way. From a sustainability and safety point of view, the fact that VOC emission levels were a fraction of international standards gave designers peace of mind the products wouldn’t pose any risk to the children or surrounding environment.

Not long after the project was completed, we were delighted to hear it took out that year’s Dulux Colour Award in the Sustainable Interior category. Ralph Webster, the Senior Architect at City of Melbourne, said at the time: “We were very pleased with the award and we are still pleased with the floor, which is holding up very well despite the building now accommodating over 1000 children a week during the school holidays!”

Real World Epoxies Pty Ltd
Real World Epoxies Pty Ltd
For over 20 years, Real World Epoxies has been manufacturing high-quality, proven products for resin flooring installers that want to get the job done right – the first time!This is important because these businesses have battled for far too long in an industry with no association or best practices, and many suppliers chasing each other in a race to the bottom.To go mainstream and sit alongside tiles, carpet, timber and vinyl, we’ve got to make it easier to choose, install, maintain, and, most importantly, to trust.For this, we offer our clients the following promise:To only supply proven, reliable, safe products, with no sales talk, and a commitment to help get the best possible outcome for their projects.


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