18 May 2021 by ShutterFlex

Sunning by Day, Stunning by Night

The Spectrum apartment complex is home base for MS Queensland and home to many multiple sclerosis sufferers as it provides affordable accommodation courtesy of a partnership with the charity. It is a striking building with clean lines and visual appeal that also delivers on functionality and livability.

Sunning by Day, Stunning by Night

Spectrum Apartment Complex by day

Sunning by Day, Stunning by Night

A spectrum of light by night

The personality of the complex changes at night, giving meaning to its name, as a spectrum of colours bathes and highlights aspects of the building façade.

The builder, Badge Queensland selected Shutterflex for their expertise in delivering engineered solutions for architectural aluminium facades, louvres, shutters and screens.

The project proved to be the perfect canvas for its patented Tobago Sunblades complemented by Baham privacy screens and Rio Batten screens.

Made from lightweight, high strength aluminium, the Tobago box fin sun blades are a low maintenance method of filtering light without detracting from the view.

Project Snap Shot

  • Spectrum Apartment Complex
  • Lutwyche Road, Windsor, Queensland
  • Builder
  • Badge Queensland
  • Featured products
  • Tobago Sunblades
  • Baham privacy screen
  • Rio batten screens

Sunning by Day, Stunning by Night

They provide a sleek aesthetic to the exterior façade while providing a sun shading solution. The sun blades are positioned both vertically and horizontally to maximize the sun shading application.

Sunning by Day, Stunning by Night

Patented design

The Tobago unique patented design incorporates three part fins and an innovative engineered locking plate; the AC-300 This device is proven to increase durability and structural strength.

Sunning by Day, Stunning by Night

Night time transformation

Neon lights have been attached to selected vertically installed sun blades to give more prominence to the vertical lines on the façade.

The Spectrum Apartment complex is a welcome and worthy addition to the street scape, impressive by day and by night.

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