01 Oct 2021 by SOLOS Glass

Viridian Glass and SOLOS Glass merge to become Australia’s leading glass business.

Viridian Glass and SOLOS Glass merge to become Australia’s leading glass business.

Viridian Glass and SOLOS Glass have merged to become a stronger and more capable supplier of processed glass to the Australian glass industry.

Joining Viridian, SOLOS gains the benefits of Viridian’s more than 150-year heritage in the Australian glass industry. Likewise, Viridian gains valuable manufacturing capabilities to the Viridian Glass network.

SOLOS has a strong heritage in glass, first dating back to the 1980’s starting out as Flat Glass Industries (FGI) and later rebranding to SOLOS Glass.

“Bringing the best of both businesses together will strengthen the SOLOS offer to our customers. Viridian are a great business and I know our staff and customers will truly benefit from this ” Managing Director Dean Haritos said.

Richard Bailey Viridian’s CEO added “Our goal is to ensure minimum disruption to our existing customers while we work towards integrating both businesses. The final changes will be more visible to customers as we combine the sales, marketing and operations into the one business”

Our focus will always be about the customer, be assured that our commitment to service, products and sales support will remain our primary objective.

In the short term, the plan is to combine the best attributes of both businesses to service our existing markets and the customers they serve. This will start with the necessary integration of the ‘back-end’ of the businesses – the internal systems, finance processes, supply and logistics, and followed by operations and engineering support.

This merger reflects our joint commitment to the local industry in servicing the unique needs of the Australian glass market. The business will operate under the Viridian brand, the combined operations will employ more than 550+ employees across 16 production and distribution sites across Australia. 

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