17 Nov 2021 by StoneSet

StoneSet Applications For Flood Mitigation

In Australia, as part of the effort to reduce the risk of flooding from heavy rainfall, new residential and commercial construction is being designed with on-site water detention facilities as part of the drainage system. What that does is slow down the storm water runoff to help reduce the impact on local waterways.

StoneSet Applications For Flood Mitigation

This is effective for flood management until so much rain falls that it cannot be contained. The other issue is the condition of the water that enters our natural streams and rivers.

What you may not realize is that our storm water systems are separate from our sewage systems. As the rainfall runs across our city streets and outdoor areas it picks up industrial pollutants, pesticides and fertilisers. Unlike our sewage systems that filter out the impurities, the storm sewers deposit everything directly into our waterways.

Then we are faced with the challenge of ground surfaces constructed with impervious materials, such as concrete and asphalt. High volume water runoff is inevitable in these areas.


The two most important considerations in managing rainwater runoff are preventing overflow and reducing the amount of pollutants that enter our waterways. The StoneSet system provides solutions for both.

StoneSet Applications For Flood Mitigation

1. StoneSet is a landscaping system that results in a hard and durable, yet permeable surface. The rainwater is captured and immediately drawn through the openings by the force of gravity. The water percolates into the soil beneath the surface. This significantly reduces the volume of water that runs off into detention areas or storm sewers.

2. The fact that the volume of runoff is reduced means that fewer pollutants are entering our waterways. Soil naturally filters out harmful particles from the water, making it pure enough to nourish local plant life and even fit for human consumption. The chemistry of soil particles gives it the ability to degrade most pollutants into harmless organic substances.

The StoneSet system is applicable to new constructions as well as the rehabilitation of older infrastructure. For more information, contact us today!

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