Technical Article AWCI Magazine - Fire Stopping: Meeting Compliance with the NCC with Tested Systems

20 Oct 2022 by TBA Firefly

TBA Firefly
TBA Firefly
TBA Firefly is a leading provider of innovative fire stopping solutions in Australia. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of world-renowned UK based TBA Textiles Ltd and benefit from over 140 years of expertise in the development and manufacture of fire resistant textiles and passive fire stopping solutions for use in both commercial and residential buildings. Our product ranges include a variety of fire-stopping products such as fire collars, wraps and sealant, facades and cladding, compartment barriers, non-combustible sarking, bushfire protective products including a BAL FZ roofing system, fire protecting concrete structures and mass timber construction passive fire protection. To support you in the specification of our product, we have also developed a Passive Fire Protection App that allows you instant access to over 22,000 TBA Firefly compliant Fire Stopping Systems (https://www.tbafirefly.com.au/report-packs). TBA Firefly is committed to continuously innovating. Our team of engineers and designers are constantly researching and developing new technologies to improve our products and meet the evolving needs of our customers. Should you have a special project, query or require any further information in relation to passive fire stopping and facades please contact Matthew Ritchie on 0448 889 122 / [email protected] or one of our customer service team on (02) 8004 3333 / [email protected]


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