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TK Elevator is one of the market leaders in elevator and escalator solutions in Australia with over 500 employees and operating in all major cities.

Our complete and innovative portfolio covers the full spectrum of the elevator and escalator business. From commodity elevators for residential and commercial buildings to cutting-edge, highly customised solutions for state-of-the-art skyscrapers, as well as fully flexible, durable lifts, escalators and moving walks, ideal for infrastructure projects. These are complemented by our specially trained and tailored competitive Service solutions and progressive technology such as MAX, the industry’s first cloud-based digitally enhanced maintenance solution, offering a broad range of products and service in urban mobility.

TK Elevator installs, maintains and modernises elevators and escalators throughout Australia offering solutions for the full lifecycle of equipment. We have a strong presence in various segments, such as office, education, hospital and recently, infrastructure with a customer focus that includes architects, owners, builders, developers, and government agencies.

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