15 Nov 2021 by Tyco Fire Protection Products

ESFR-25 Rapid Install Sprinkler (RIS)

“We saw significant cost savings using the ESFR-25 RIS in a small portion of this install…quantify that across a larger project, and the savings will multiply exponentially.”

Chris Holland, General Manager, Advanco Fire Protection.

Innovative storage sprinkler translates ease of installation into time, labor and cost savings

The Tyco ESFR Rapid Install Sprinkler (RIS) is an early-suppression, fast-response sprinkler that is revolutionizing fire protection for warehouses and high-piled storage.This sprinkler features a pre-installed EPDM gasket that uses proprietary Tyco Rapid Seal technology to form a robust seal with simple tool-free hand tightening. Furthermore, the gasket housed within the sprinkler eliminates the need to apply sealant (neither PTFE tape nor pipe dope) to the sprinkler threads and reduces the effort necessary to complete installation. Two model options available with custom welded outlet fittings: ESFR-25 and ESFR-22. 

Advanco Fire Protection, a Californiabased construction company, quickly elected to install a section of ESFR-25 RISs as part of their recent San Bernardino warehouse installation – becoming one of the first ESFR RIS pilot sites. The 136,000 ft2 warehouse stores CLI-CLIV commodities and CLV, cartoned unexpanded plastics. The project was divided into four distinct fire sprinkler systems. The ESFR RIS sprinkler test consisted of 250 of the 450 sprinklers configured in System 1 of the project. (All other ESFR sprinklers used in the project are Tyco TY9226 traditional ESFR-25 heads.) The ESFR RIS heads were installed in the center of System 1 to ensure accurate location tracking and testing. Advanco found that the installation was quick and smooth. By eliminating the need to prep the ESFR RISs and accompanying welded outlet fittings with dope/sealant ahead of installation, they shaved minutes off their labor costs per head. Adding in the time saved from hand-tightening versus using a tool, their savings were amplified.

“Applying dope/sealant to each sprinkler thread takes time. Eliminating this step removed the material cost of dope and labor cost to apply it. We look forward to applying this new installation technology on a much larger scale,” said Rigoberto Vazquez, owner of Advanco Fire Protection.

Project highlights:

• Location: San Bernardino, CA

• Warehouse size: 136,000 ft2

• Number of ESFR-25 RIS sprinkler heads*: 250

• Number of total sprinkler heads*: 450

• Stored goods: CLI through CLIV and CLV, as well as cartoned, unexpanded plastic commodities *One of four systems

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