15 Nov 2021 by Tyco Fire Protection Products

Model ESFR-34

The Tyco Model ESFR-34 is expanding fire protection options in warehouses to meet the needs of more compact and challenging storage arrangements. A large fashion retailer in Brazil started the construction of a new warehouse in 2019 where six foot (1.8m) aisle widths were needed in order to maximize storage space. The sprinkler options on the market at the time required the use of in-rack sprinklers to make this warehouse design possible, which limit flexibility and can be prone to forklift damage.

The fire protection contractors, IPÊ Fire Protection Consultoria and Tecfire Engenharia de Incêndio, became aware of the upcoming launch of the ESFR-34 through their partnership with the local Johnson Controls Sales contact. Shortly after the sprinkler capabilities were shared, it became clear that the ESFR-34 was the best solution for this project and the fire protection plans were converted to use only the ESFR-34 in the new warehouse design.

“The combination of 6 foot (1.8m) aisle widths, an element-to-ceiling distance of 17 inches (432 mm), and enhanced pressure were all factors that strengthened the fire protection plan for a warehouse ceiling height of 55 feet (16.8 m)”, said Diana de Araújo, General Manager at Tecfire Engenharia de Incêndio.

Project highlights:

• Warehouse size: 2M ft2 (186,000 m2)

• Number of sprinkler heads: 17,000

• Stored goods: apparel and footwear

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